Art Basel | Miami Beach 2019

Booth A8

5 - 8 December 2019

​Tina Modotti, Campesinos (Workers' Parade), 1926
Robert Frank, Luncheonette—Butte, Montana, 1956
Dorothea Lange, Migratory Cotton Picker, Eloy, AZ, 1940
Man Ray, La Prière, 1930
Lynn Davis, Iceberg #30, Disko Bay, Greenland, 2000
Sally Mann, The Last Time Emmett Modeled Nude, 1987
Sally Mann, Deep South, Untitled (Valentine Windsor), 1998
Margaret Bourke-White, Ford Motor Blast Furnace, 1929
Charles Sheeler, Chartres - Flying Buttresses at the Crossing, 1929
Sally Mann, Jessie #25, 2004
Margaret Bourke-White, Lincoln Electric Welding Company, c. 1930
Tina Modotti, Mella's Typewriter (aka "La Técnica"), 1928
Diane Arbus, Boy with a Straw Hat Waiting to March in a Pro-War Parade, NYC, 1967
László Moholy-Nagy, Kinder in Ascona, 1926
Imogen Cunningham, Agave Design I, 1920s
Margaret Bourke-White, Radio City, c. 1933
Dorothea Lange, Mended Stockings, San Francisco, 1934
Sally Mann, Emmett #15, 2004
Ruth Bernhard, Fredrick Kiesler (Austrian-American, 1890–1965) Film Guild Cinema, c. 1929
Matthew Pillsbury, Winged Victory, the Louvre, 2008
Man Ray, Rayograph, 1946
Sally Mann, The Perfect Tomato, 1990
Paul Strand, Wire Wheel, New York, 1917
Margaret Bourke-White, Wall Street Trading Room, c. 1935
Ilse Bing, Cancan Dancers, Moulin-Rouge, Paris, 1931
Abelardo Morell, Tent-Camera Image on Ground: View of The Empire State Building Looking West from 512 W. 22nd St Roof, 2019
Ilse Bing, Laban Dance School, Frankfurt, 1929
Sally Mann, Deep South, Untitled (Scrim), 1998
Erwin Olaf, Sarah, 2007